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Word for Africa - Awake & Arise & Arrest your Future

By Monique Crabtree (B.Min.) 30/6/20

Africa, lands of plenty, lands of wealth, lands of flowing rivers, flowing gold mines, flowing animals on the plains. As they hibernate then transgress then transform then transpire and grow. This is the process of change in Africa. Your lands have been in the hibernation and transgression stages. You ignored your wealthy deposits then you and others stole from your wealthy deposits.

Now is time for transforming the wealth into the hands of the nations. The whole depth of the peoples of their nations. The whole depth of the demographics of society, that none will miss out on this celebration, this migration of the wildebeest.

Why do I call you wildebeests? Because you have been in the wilderness long enough. It is time to come to the Promised Land. Your promised lands. To fulfill the promises of your lands. I gave you these lands for you to steward well for My glory. The glory is coming to Africa again, a glory that will be shared by all, not just a few.

You will transpire, you will sweat as you walk out My purposes for your lands. But just as the green plants transpire in your forests and rainforests so you, My tender shoots, will transpire and grow where I have placed you by My rivers of love. Do all in love. Reach all demographics of your societies with My love. No one is to miss out on My glory this time around. The bronze gates will come down and governments will be opened faced to all. Hallelujah. 1 Cor 8:9-10; 2 Thes 2:2-4; Rev 3:6-8.

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