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I got Covid twice - my experience - 25March2021

My Battle with Covid

I flew from Perth on 5th January to Doha with 12 hours stop-over, I was in Nairobi for 30 hours and spent a great day with Stuart Barden. Before this, on 4th January I worked with my Truckie on my farm (John C) loading some machinery and he was sick with the flu. So I was expecting to get that, which I likely did on the 9-10th as I felt full of the flu. I decided to take Vitamin D (with its hydroxy molecule) and zinc to help as both these are known as general virus fighters. On arrival in Bujumbura, Burundi we had a Covid test and two men from our flight and Hotel group tested positive and left us.

On the 14th I had another test and tested positive. I was not surprised as I felt even more full of the flu. Perhaps I caught the Covid flu (Covid-19) on top of the other (general Covid type flu). While waiting to go into the Covid Hotel I took an ivermectin tablet that my WA doctor was happy to prescribe (just in case, as it has similar benefits as other OH medicine molecules).

The Zelenko Protocol

When the medical staff came to my room they gave me the Zelenko Protocol, this includes hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. I was thrilled to be put onto these medicines as I had known for 10 months that this protocol works, despite seeing some dodgy science that tried to ridicule it. Indeed Burundian’s, so a nurse in quarantine with me told me, have been using it for 11 months with great effect in the country of 12M where only two people had died and they had other complications.

There was criticism of the US Frontline Doctors when they tweeted #HCQWorks and how aggressively it was silenced and removed by media. What a mistake that was, this medication mostly knocks the virus on the head in two days, as it pretty much did for me (with perhaps two viruses working at once).

It is likely that millions of people have now been protected by hydroxychloroquine with the two other drugs. Indeed, India has also been using it for I think >6 months, as have many people in poor countries, and these medicines are very cheap and common – not so good for big pharma.

My Symptoms

My first symptom was aching legs. Then it moved to general body aches, then lethargy, then finding it a bit hard to breathe at night (the scary part, as I had only 3 months earlier got over 18 months fight with bronchitis), then head aches, then a feeling of sadness (could be part of long isolation also), then it was hard to concentrate, then a blocked nose and the last symptoms have been some red blotchiness on my forearms. On the 19th January I awoke feeling almost symptom free, but for the red blotched on my forearms that stayed until the night before I tested negative with a quick test on 25th January.

Then on the 14th January, as I was about to fly to the DRC, I needed another test result and I tested positive (PCR). I sure was frustrated as all the meeting plans and flights had to be cancelled. When I had the test I felt normal and so I protested to the Doctors. I thought it was a false positive test. But then the next day I had a head ache and my forearm symptoms returned. This sure is a weird sickness. The mutational and infectious ability of this virus is a bit uncanny.

What I learnt?

I likely got the virus in the first Hotel quarantine. The global news continues to ignore these cheap and effective medicines. It makes me reflect on the 1917 Spanish Flu which travelled the whole world and killed more people than the war, especially indigenous populations who had a 10-40% death toll. Also, in 1919 California who self-quarantined but the following year were smashed as the rest of America and the world was the year before. Everywhere else had developed heard immunity.

Dr Zev Zelenko said in March 2020 that this virus must travel the world, but his protocol would do the job. I believe he was right. He used his protocol to save nearly 2,000 older people (>70 yo) who had all contracted it in New York city from February to May in 2020. Amazingly, the T Admin did the “impossible” and got a vaccine out within 10 months. But this protocol is still good option.

But, I see the lost freedoms that this virus has caused. Many governments have now accepted the fear that is over the top, with only 0.3% of people dying from it and most of these have not received the Protocol that I did which is cheap and proven. China, I think is happy with the result. They do intend to become the dominant global force. I am perplexed that my Australian PM has ignored the Zelenko Protocol and the Ivermectin. Virtue signally is a globally dangerous game. My journey can now continue. Thanks for your many prayers and well wishes! I hope this experience is of help to some of you.

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