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DRC Prime Ministers speech - a soil driven economy

How good is this? The government of the DRC views align so well with what has been put on our heart to do. This is very encouraging. Have a read?

This is a speech from the Prime Minister Sama Lukonde, before the national representation - his program speech, Monday, April 26, 2021. Called "Revenge of the soil over the subsoil."

1. The topsoil or agriculture will be at the center of the diversification of the Congolese economy, after a long time of being dependent on mining resources

2. To boost this sector, the head of government has promised to implement a policy of industrialization in the whole of this sector that provides wealth and employment

3. To achieve this, the government intends to promote the empowerment of the small-holder farmers through the formation of agricultural cooperatives

4. To create a real agricultural credit bank to finance the development of the agricultural sector

5. To revive food-producing, industrial and perennial agriculture as well as fishing and livestock breeding

6. To apply the Master Plan of industrialization for the revitalization of the agricultural sector in order to consolidate the industrial base, to promote a wider local transformation of the agricultural, fishing and breeding products, as well as the establishment of the agro-industrial parks and the special economic zones

7. Facilitate access to agricultural funds for women and young rural producers through a policy of granting land to women and young rural producers

8. To accelerate, at the level of the lower house of the Parliament, the process of adoption of the proposed law modifying and completing the law on the fundamental principles of agriculture.

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