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A call to Africa

With a Christian leadership team, who feels it a privilege to answer the call to assist in the transformation of agriculture to increased production in a sustainable way, we welcome all to be a part of this work.

If you have expertise and sense a similar desire to help, from any country, then please see below and get in touch with us.

We hope to run short training courses on:

  • Foundations for Farming

  • agronomy

  • soil science

  • GPS technology

  • mechanics

  • tyre repair

  • battery maintenance

  • fencing

  • roofing

  • welding

  • woodwork

  • nutrition

  • economics

  • budgeting

  • farm planning

  • book keeping

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Register interest and support

We have large network of experienced farmers and agronomists who have expressed interest in this Arise African Agriculture project. You are welcome to join us on this journey. This ambitious project will require the expertise of many people from many different fields (business, accounting, legal, book keeping, prayer support and possibly financial). 

Once land is secured in a country from the government, with support of the local peoples then we will set about to put a local Board in place, make clear objectives, clear the land, secure the inputs and plant a crop on a large scale - similar to how it has been done in Australia. in order to bring food security and agricultural prosperity. But with Arise African Agriculture the local peoples will own the various projects.

Progress in the DRC

As of March 2021 we have two projects under negotiation, possibly several thousand hectares in the DRC - we await further confirmation of the sites. Other African governments are welcome to approach us. We believe that we will be limited to managing five large projects at any one time.

Experienced farmers are needed

We need a team of good people, to support the large scale seeding, managing and then later, the harvesting. This will be across countries and time windows.  If you want to support us but physically cannot travel then you may consider supporting someone else in their travel costs. 

For Any Inquiries and Support

Feel Free to Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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