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Experienced global professional farmers and scientists who are keen to make a difference

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Our Story what, why, how?

Australian farmers have an agricultural pioneering history. Much of Australia's rural land was converted to fertile farms from barren and infertile bushland which often contained little natural nutrients. Australians farm amongst droughts, fires and floods which are common place for us and where sandy soils dominate they rapidly erode with tillage based farming - still widely used in Europe.  We have seen the miracle of no-tillage and modest fertiliser application to convert low productive land into stable profitable farm businesses that remain competitive against farmers who have better soils and rainfall and subsidies. 

We believe that Africa needs to embrace modern farming to feed itself and become self sufficient. This will reduce sovereign risk. Africa's population is 1.2 billion and could double in 15 years. While Africans have access to smart phones and smart cars they now have an opportunity to embrace smart farming, and at scale.  We are aware of the many hurdles that face small African farmers towards scaling up into commercial agriculture. But we are not put off by this.

We believe that times are changing fast which helps to make a quantum changes possible.  Governmental leadership with integrity is rising across Africa. The influence of Reinhardt Bonkie and others has helped shift Africans from witchcraft towards what has been a solid foundation for Western civilisation.  We are confident that the peoples of Africa are ready to embrace new technologies and that they desire to be food secure. The use of modern farming, where our intentions are to lift agricultural productivity is central in our approach. Money, we do not have, but we do have knowledge that we will give.


Foundations for Farming

Arise African Agriculture loves the work done by Foundations for Farming in their effort to implement modern farming techniques in countries around Africa. 

We have a good relationship with Brian and Cathy Oldreive who teach faithfull and integrated life and farm principles to small farmers. Their work is inspirational across Africa.


Bill is also networked with world leaders in no-tillage and has met with with five Ministers for Agriculture across several African countries.


Crabtree Agricultural Consulting

Crabtree Agricultural Consulting facilities the following:

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