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 Inspiring modern farming in Africa - "feed my sheep"

Our Motives and Vision

  • This company is based on Christian principles to empower Africa to feed itself.

  • We will reduce topsoil loss from erosion by introducing no-tillage farming which builds soil health to grow more food.

  • Motivate African belief, reduce reliance on other countries through empowering people, communities and countries.

  • Create model farms that can be copied across Africa where the profits will be used to train and bless neighbouring people and villages.

  • Build peoples capacity to gain ownership, purpose, destiny, finances, food and pride in who they were called to be.

  • Use all modern safe agricultural tools, including; fertilisers, pesticides and smart breeding technologies.

  • Where allowed, use Bt corn, soy, cotton to slow the devastation of Fall Armyworm and reduce the farmers' reliance on pesticides. Also promote RR technology.

  • An organic approach is not empowering, it is not sustainable (or honest). It is an ideology that depletes the soil of nutrients and relies on tillage to kill weeds which destroys soil life - especially the invaluable mycorrhizal fungi.

  • We plan to guide people into areas of work where they are naturally gifted in and up skill these.

  • We will work with African groups like, Banks and any other Conservation Agricultural groups who promote no-tillage and al safe smart farming tools.

Brown water rushing into the ocean contains soil which is lost forever!


While tillage is common in Africa, it destroys soil structure, infiltration, biology & productivity


An excellent example, in Harare at Foudations for Farming, where past crop residue is kept to build soil fertility


Watch Dr Chris McDonough demonstrate soil erosion in Africa

Current & future Agriculture

Embrace the safe new!

Image by Annie Spratt
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